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How Good Teams Become Great Teams - Part 1

2 min read
April 24, 2023

When it comes to leadership, if we want to continually improve ourselves, there are questions we can ask:

  • How can we do what we do more effectively? 
  • How can we help more people? 
  • How can we honor God better? 
  • What Lids or Barriers are you facing?, etc.

We’ve been talking recently in church leadership settings and with our staff about "What makes a good team great?"

One of the ingredients is:

  • When the team understands and embraces its role as a part of the bigger picture.

The reality is, every person can be passionate about your part but never lose sight of the bigger picture. 

Remember these two things: 

  1. Our value as team members is not just in the tasks we perform for a given team or department but in how we raise others up around us who are big-picture-minded toward the purpose and mission of our Church.
  2. Stay big-picture-minded while thinking about and working on specific tasks within a team.

Something special happens across an organization when team members understand and embrace their role as part of the bigger picture.  

Woman hugging a man in a denim jacket

Man and woman hugging

This past Easter, our media team was a great example of understanding their role as part of a bigger picture. They took the opportunity to advertise an event like Easter beyond the typical task of details and graphics. I love how they went out of their way to capture real-life stories on camera of people’s lives that have been changed because they were invited to Champions Centre. It reminded me, and everyone in our church the "why" behind the "what" of a simple invitation to church. We’ve talked about it a lot over the last 30 years of pastoring in the Northwest: "Bring a friend, change a life." And, the videos our team put together were more than just an announcement, they added value to our church family by reminding us all that we are part of getting the word out about his story! watch one of these videos now.