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The Critical Need For Church Leaders

1 min read
August 9, 2023

In every single church, there is a Vision Gap. 

This gap represents the distance between where you are and where you want to be as a church. The Vision Gap can happen in any organization. 

How do you close the Vision Gap? Yes, financial resources are essential, but the critical catalyst is your church's LEADERSHIP.

Management and leadership are both essential in the life of any healthy organization. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for managers to be stuck in leadership roles based on a fundamental misunderstanding of what it takes to be a leader. Let’s take a minute to unpack the differences between managers and leaders so we have the right people in each role.  

Managers work with systems. Leaders work with people. 

  • Leaders are focused on people. They draw people in, unite people around a goal, and inspire people to take action. Managers focus on support teams, delivery systems, and schedules.
  • Leaders draw in managers, but managers don’t draw in leaders.
  • Leadership is more about movement. Management is more about maintenance.
  • People can be managed, but they would rather be led. Even managers would rather be led than managed. When people are not just managed but are led, they perform at a much higher level.

    With this in mind, I want to encourage you to choose leadership when you have a choice between managing and leading your teams.  

    Our goal at Team Church is to mobilize the people in our churches to find their fit through serving on a team, participating in a life group, and feeling like they belong to the community. 

    Let me be clear, we NEED managers to support the administrative side. If you are a manager, by all means, put your heart into management! Please know you are highly valued and necessary to the overall vision of any organization. 

    If you are a leader, lean into leadership and help move people forward toward God’s best for their lives. 

    Leadership is the key element to closing the Vision Gap. Take some time to think about how you can lean into leadership for your organization. What can you do to start effectively leading instead of managing to help close the vision gap?